March 21, 2018

Wands Shungite

Shungite contains Buckyballs or Fullerenes. Buckyballs are actually the spherical form of Fullerenes. The Buckyballs look very close to a U.S. soccer ball or a European football. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 was awarded jointly to Professor Robert F. Curl, Harold W. Kroto, and Richard E. Smalley for their discovery of Fullerenes. Buckyballs were discovered naturally in Shungite, also known as Carbon C-60.

I see the Shungite as a black hole that absorbs the negativity that can cause issues for our physical body, That energy never goes any further--it is dissipated within the Shungite. It's like the negative energy hits a brick wall, and it just stops existing.

Shungite—first think of charcoal. This crystal is absorbent—it is used to pull out toxins and disease from the body and then eliminate them safely. Then think of charcoal with a brain! That would be Shungite. It is an earth and air energy with just a touch of fire--an unusual and powerful combination of energies to pull from simultaneously. it also does a great deal more.

This is a crystal with a very large capacity for healing. Shungite will help block the intense vibrations coming from inside the earth at this time. These intense, grating, rock on rock with magma roiling vibrations have the ability to weaken the immune system and cause stress, fear, and anxiety within us (i.e., notice what the animals do just before an earthquake). A free standing piece of shungite like a Sphere or Pyramid will block these vibrations from your home A Shungite Pendant will protect your body from feeling the emotional and mental affects of these intense vibrations and will also help protect your physical body from ill effects. Keep Shungite around the computer and/or t.v., and it will also help block anything electronic from causing you illness as well.


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