March 21, 2018

Reiki Classes

At Whispering Willows, our Reiki classes are small with only two to six people in attendance. Classes are taught at our store with owner, Tracy Bester. You will receive one-on-one time with Tracy and plenty of hands-on time to become comfortable with each level.

Student-teacher relationships are important to us at Whispering Willows.  Tracy will be available for you to contact as needed by phone or email, or,  you can come in to the store to ask questions. We can go over anything that you need clarification on.  The treatment room and massage table are offered free of charge for students wishing to complete their case studies.

All of our Reiki classes use the Usui and Shinju Pa Ro Methods.

Reiki Level I

The First Degree is the foundation of all degrees in the Reiki System. This class is seven hours long, depending on class size. It includes the following:

  • Reiki Level 1 manual created by Rev. Patricia Rowles founder of the Shinju Pa Ro Methods
  • Physical application of hand positions for self-treatment and treatment of others
  • Basic anatomy
  • What the Meridian and Chakra Systems are
  • What the Auric field is
  • Meditation exercises
  • Energy games
  • The history of Reiki
  • First Degree permanent attunement
  • First Degree certificate



$150 plus HST

10 case studies are required to obtain certificate for Level 1

Reiki LevelII

The Second Degree is a one-day, seven-hour class. It includes the following:


  • Second Degree manual
  • Training and use of the three Second Degree symbols
  • Practice sessions using the three symbols on others
  • Practice sessions using distance healing
  • Meditation exercises
  • Discussion and information on developing your Reiki practice
  • Second Degree attunement
  • Second Degree certificate

Cost: $250 plus HST

Reiki Master/Teacher Level III

This degree designation is the level of Reiki Master/teacher. For some, this level of Reiki has a sense of completion. For others, the path of teacher begins to unfold. This two-day class includes:

  • Secrets of the Hui Yin and exercises for contacting the Hui Yin
  • Fire Dragon exercises
  • The Reiki Master attunement and master symbols to be able to teach all three degrees of the Usui and Shinju Pa Ro Methods
  • Learning and practice how attunements work and are passed
  • Meditation exercises
  • sacred violet flame work

Cost: $650 plus HST